MLK Visit


MLK Visit


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Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Cornell on October 15, 1962. He lectured to a filled King Chapel that evening. King's visit was arranged by Professor of Art Wilbur West.


October 15, 1962


Cornell College


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Martin Luther King, Jr. with Professor Wilbur West
Martin Luther King, Jr. poses with Cornell Professor of Art Wilbur West in King Chapel.

Press release for Dr. King's visit
Cornell College sent out this release about Dr. King's visit on Oct. 6.

News from
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Public Relations Office, Telephone 2021, Ext. 12
[handwritten] FOR RELEASE AFTER 10p.m., SAT. OCT. 6

Eastern Iowans will…

Ink Pond article for the Cornellian
Article written by former archivist Michelle Holschuh Simmons for the Cornellian in 2002.

Ink Pond article for the Cornell ian
Michelle Holschuh Simmons
Consulting Librarian for the Arts & Humanities and College Archivist
On October…

Image of Dr. King at Cornell College
Dr. King with Cornell students.

Image of Dr. King at Cornell
Image of Dr. King with Cornell students.

Letter of thanks from Dr. King
Dr. King sent this letter of thanks to Professor West after his visit.

Mr. Wilbur West
Art Department
Cornell College
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Dear Mr. West:
This is just a note again to express my appreciation to
you for making my recent visit to…

Section of a 1996 Cornell Report Article on Famous Visitors
In 1996, the Cornell Report published an article on famous visitors to the campus. Included was this section on Civil Rights Leaders.
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