Press release for Dr. King's visit


Press release for Dr. King's visit


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Cornell College sent out this release about Dr. King's visit on Oct. 6.

News from
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Public Relations Office, Telephone 2021, Ext. 12
[handwritten] FOR RELEASE AFTER 10p.m., SAT. OCT. 6

Eastern Iowans will have an opportunity to hear Dr. Martin Luther King
on October 15 and 16 when the well known spokesman for racial equality will
speak on the campuses of Cornell and Coe colleges. The 33 year old Baptist
minister will appear on the Cornell Artist-Lecture Series at 8 p.m. on Monday,
October 15 in King Chapel and will address an assembly open to the public at
Coe the following night in the Coe Auditorium at 6:30p.m.

Undoubtedly the best known advocate for equal opportunity for all races
in America, Dr. King has gained international fame for his work. He is
president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and is the immediate
past president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, Inc. The latter group
is the organization which guided and directed the bus protest in Montgomery,
Alabama. His biographer, L. D. Reddick, described him as a Crusader Without
Violence, and the distinguished journalist, Ralph McGill of the Atlanta
Constitution, has said of King: "It's hard to convince some people that Dr. King
might one day be looked upon as one of the finest friends the white people of the
South ever had. His policy of non-violence is working.
He has made violence un-popular, out of fashion, among his own people and among those who oppose him. He could be a force for evil, but, thank God, he's a source for good."

Dr. King has been awarded honorary degrees from nine colleges and uni-
versities, and he has received citations and awards from some sixty-five organizations
located throughout the United States. In 1957 the Gallup Poll revealed that he
was one of the most admired religious leaders in the world, and Time Magazine
has named him as one of the ten outstanding personalities of the year.


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