Frank Armstrong


Frank Armstrong


Photographs, newspaper clippings, and other objects documenting the experiences of Frank Armstrong at Cornell College and his death.


Cornell College



Items in the Frank Armstrong Collection

Chicago Defender article, c. 1946
An article in the Chicago Defender discussing the death of Frank Armstrong.

Atlanta Daily World article, c. 1946
An article in the Atlanta Daily World discussing the death of Frank Armstrong.

Chicago Defender Article, followup story
"Link Narcotics Raid to Chicago Doctor's Murder" article, addressing a burglary that may be linked to Frank Armstrong's death.

Journal of the American Medical Association "Deaths" column, Vol 133, No 1
The Journal of the American Medical Association's listing of Frank Armstrong's death.

Cornellian Article, November 8, 1946
An article noting the death of Cornell's first African American graduate

Cornellian Article, c. 1899
An article describing Booker T. Washington's visit and lecture.

Frank Armstrong, c. 1898
A photograph of Frank Armstrong taken c. 1898.
The second image is of the back of the photograph.

Baseball scorecards, 1900
Scorecards for baseball games on April 25 and May 29, 1900

Cornellian Article, May 27, 1899
An article about several baseball games.

Cornellian Article, March 4, 1899
An article about athletics at Cornell College in 1899, specifically the "Big Four" baseball players.