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Cornell Student Life 1911-1915


Photos from a scrapbook

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MLK Visit

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Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Cornell on October 15, 1962. He lectured to a filled King Chapel that evening. King's visit was arranged by…

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Old Sem Takeover


In October of 1968, students at Cornell College took over Old Sem. Black students had been asking for certain rights through other channels prior to…

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Charles Reuben Keyes


This includes photos and articles by and about Charles Reuben Keyes, a professor of German at Cornell College, an archeologist for Iowa, an…

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Hughes Family


Cornell Literary Societies


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OC Takeover February 16, 2011


Photos from the OC Takeover, Feburary 16, 2011, commemorating the Old Sem Takeover of October 1968.

Contributors: Cornell College Archives
Ariel Harris (student organizer)
Mary Iber (Archivist)

Frank Armstrong


Photographs, newspaper clippings, and other objects documenting the experiences of Frank Armstrong at Cornell College and his death.

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